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Dutch, German, English, French and Spanish courses in Breda

Dutch, German, English, French and Spanish courses in Breda

Business Dutch

photo Have you moved to the Netherlands for your profession or found work in the Netherlands, but have difficulty with technical and professional Dutch? If so, then our Dutch business courses are perfect for you.


During a Business Dutch course you will practise specifically with professional and technical Dutch. This will range from giving professional presentations, telephone conversations, writing formal letters/emails and for situations such as business meetings and formal events. Throughout your course we use a professional/business Dutch language book that is suited for your level and also practise with material that is specifically for your working environment. For example, we can prepare you for presentations that you will be giving or focus on practising with e-mails and telephone conversations that you have regularly.

Do you want to start a business Dutch course, then you will already need a basic understanding of the Dutch language.

Course duration

Dutch business courses are available throughout the year and can be undertaken as private or group lessons for more persons from one specific company. A course consists of 30 hours of lessons; this can be planned in, for example 30 1-hour lessons or 15 2-hour lessons.